New Legal Requirements For Irish Business Websites In June 2015

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Did you know …

As of today, 1st June 2015 there are new legal requirements for Irish business websites, commencing as part of legislation aimed at, among other things, improving transparency in Irish business. The Companies Act 2014 will replace the Companies Acts 1963 – 2013.

What does this mean for your website?

Here’s the relevant excerpt from the act:

Every company that has a website is also required to display either on its homepage or to be identified on its homepage, a readily accessible webpage on which the following appear:

  1. the name and legal form of the company
  2. place of registration of the company and the number with which it is registered
  3. address of the registered office of the company
  4. in the case of a company exempt from the obligation to use the company type as part of its name, the fact that it is such a company type (applies to Designated Activity Companies, and Companies Limited by Guarantee only)
  5. in the case of a company which is being wound up, the fact that it is being wound up
  6. if the share capital of a company is mentioned on the website, the reference must be to the issued share capital

So if your website does business in Ireland you now need to make sure that all of the applicable information detailed above is clearly displayed, or accessible from your home or landing page.

The Companies Registration Office have a comprehensive leaflet which you can download in PDF format: Disclosure and Publication Requirements in Relation to Companies and Business Names or call us today if you’d like guidance on how to make sure your website complies with the legislation.