Kathleen McCormick

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Kathleen McCormick


Kathleen is one of the leading basket makers in Ireland and although she already had a website, it hadn't been updated for a long time, was not clearly organised and also had a generic domain name that didn't reflect her or her craft practice. Kathleen wanted to show new works and also give a flavour of what her work involves day to day 'the story behind the baskets'. Kathleen and her skills are at the centre of the story of her baskets so we got her a better domain name that included her own name and made sure the website featured Kathleen and was imbued with her warm personality.

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Sites & Traffic's artistic eye, choice of imagry, and use of words to describe my work has made my website works far beyond my expectatiions This website has tripled my work and made me very glad I asked them to do my website. Some people say I am hard to work with but Sites & Traffic are not!
— Kathleen McCormick